Monday, February 22, 2010


If you're wondering why we haven't posted in awhile, it's because we've been reading up a storm on our kindles. What's a kindle, you ask? It's this dorktastic e-reader sold exclusively by Amazon. You can buy most books for cheaper than the "real" version, and there are tons of free books to download, too. I bought mine first, and of course John had to get one, too. Now we're both completely hooked. This little gadget has been great for our commute to and from work, and John even reads lots of blogs on his. We highly recommend the kindle, but just a warning: you will get addicted!

John's fave, Sherlock Holmes, on e-paper.

John configured his kindle to make it even more dorky --
like a Star Trek nerd scanner thingy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Field Museum Field Trip

We are finally updating the blog! We really haven't done anything blog-worthy these days. The winter hasn't been that bad, but we just haven't felt like venturing out into the dreariness. However, we made it out today to the Diamonds exhibit at the Field Museum. The exhibit featured all sorts of boring educational information about how diamonds are made. Who really cares about that -- just show us the goods! There was the famous Tiffany yellow diamond, and we saw another diamond that was more than 400 carats! After looking around at all the fun sparkly stuff, we perused the other areas of the museum. Nothing to cheer you up like a bunch of taxidermied animals! The Field Museum has a dead and stuffed version of pretty much every animal ever made. It was definitely nice to get out and do something besides errands. The gloomy Chicago winter weather makes it hard to avoid the winter blues, that's for sure.

We have lots of cool plans for the upcoming weeks. In looking at my calendar, I'm not finding any free weekends for lazing around the house anytime soon. We have both been pretty steadily busy at work, and we are really looking forward to our upcoming annual trip to Mexico. Next weekend is our annual Oscar movie marathon (aka butt-numb-athon) at the AMC downtown. And the following weekend my mom is coming in town for all sorts of fun girl stuff. Bring on Spring!

Dirty gross snow and lots of fog - not a nice day here in the Windy City.

Nothing like dead leopards killing an already dead deer to brighten the day.

Standing in front of a fake beach, practicing for the real thing in a few weeks.