Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update from Mexico

We are now officially burned. John is pleasantly pink, and I'm downright crispy. I think I've pretty much overdosed on the aloe and lidocane gel that I spent a fortune on in the gift shop (do they even sell such a thing in America?). We are headed back to freezing cold and cloudy Chicago tomorrow, and while it's been a fun trip, it's always nice to get home and back to our daily routines. This has been the perfect little getaway, and we are already talking about when to come back next year!

John after dinner

Yesterday's poolside view

The view from our private yard of our swim-out suite!

Palapa FAIL.
No, this is not the palapa we sat under today, although you would think so by looking at my burns.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hola from Paradise

We are on our fourth annual trip to Mexico! We've made this an annual jaunt in order to escape the crazy spring temps in Chicago. I just looked at the forecast, and the highs next week are in the low 30s. Yikes! All is well in tropical paradise. Of course we are both a little burned (and in really strange places) despite our valiant efforts at sunscreen usage. All I can say is I will have some really tan feet to show off next week (and a random spot on my right knee). Our days have consisted of sleep, breakfast, mojito, nap, mojito, swim, read stupid fiction, mojito, swim some more. Repeat. Here are our pics from the first few days. Updates to come!

Landed! Pale and ready for some sun and mojitos!

John's activity on day 1

The Plaza at night

Handsome John and Rudolph

Lia the monkey. I want to take her home, but Sofia would be too jealous.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miss Jackson if You're Nasty

Last Monday we went to the Janet Jackson concert at the Chicago Theater. It's not a secret how much I love my Jacksons, so you can imagine the hysterics when I found out she was playing three shows here in Chicago. John was actually pretty worried since he knows I have a price-is-no-object policy when it comes to anything Jackson. Anyway, the concert is called "Number Ones" and she played only her hits -- no new stuff that no one knows. We had great seats, and the crowd was really fun. The only bad part: John forgot our camera. So we only had our camera phones, which were not so great. Janet, on the other hand, was really great! She looked fabulous, sounded fabulous, and her dancing was amazing. She's no Michael, but I guess she's the closest I'm ever going to get!