Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Michael Jackson Show!

And now the videos you've been waiting for! There was a show every night at our resort in Mexico, and the first night was Michael Jackson! Well, an impersonator. He was pretty good! These clips aren't the best, but you get the idea. Woohoo! Shamon!

Try These Cookies!

If you have a Wild Oats or Whole Foods in town, see if they have Carol's cookies. They are awesome. They look more like scones than cookies and weigh 1/2 lb. each! They best part is the taste. Unbelievable. Give them a shot, you will thank us.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Walking Around, Part 2

After spending half the morning watching Michael Jackson concert videos on YouTube (don't judge - I'm injured), John talked me into getting out and enjoying the warm weather. We listened to a free orchestra concert at Millennium Park, walked around Michigan Avenue, and caught the new Indiana Jones movie at the big theater downtown. It's nice to finally have some warm weather here in the Windy City, but I'm afraid it's not here to stay.
A children's orchestra playing at Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park

Recognize that building from Adventures in Babysitting?

On that cool metal snakey bridge in Millennium Park (I've always wanted to go on it.)

The tourists have descended for the summer!

Waiting for the brown line on our way home from our crowd-filled downtown adventure!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Walking Around in the Warm Weather

It was so nice out that we decided to walk around! After getting coffee and breakfast at a cafe, we noticed that the Julius Meinl in our 'hood was open! There are only two locations in the USA, and they're both in Chicago. Delicious. Then we went in a bakery and got some pastries. Pigs, are we? No. Here are some pictures of our walk. Oh yeah, and Megan smashed her finger in our gate and we spent 2 hours in the emergency room getting it glued and cleaned up! Anyway, after that we ate dinner at a new pizza place that was opened by real Italians, I Monelli. The owners and chef left two other great Italian pizza places in town to open their own. It was awesome. Come and visit and we can go!

More Silly Kitty Costumes

We just got back from Target, and good news: they had a fresh selection of cat hats! So, we got these utterly hilarious little numbers for the not-so-enthused cats. FYI, in case you can't tell, the blue one is an elephant, and the red one is a crab. Fun times!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More pics...

Megan, pre-roast

The delicious Japanese restaurant. They had all sorts of different restaurants serving different cuisines, but the Japanese was our favorite.

Posing on the terrace on our last night there

The walkway to the main drag - the plaza, terrace, lobby, all the restaurants. We tried staying under this walkway at all times to avoid further contact with the sun.

Megan at the final breakfast

Màs Mexico

Here are more pics from our trip!

Pretty fountains near the central plaza

John enjoying a Cuban cigar in the chill cigar bar.

The front terrace

Back in the cigar bar, trying to stay cool and soothe our sunburns

Fountain in the men's room

Engineer's Guide to Cats

This is hilarious.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hola Amigos!

The theme for this week's postings will be "John and Megan's Mexican Paradise." We just returned from our long-awaited vacation and were greeted by 40 degree temps in soggy Chicago. We had a fabulous time and are planning to go back next year for sure! We are both complete lobsters (despite our valiant efforts with the sunscreen), but it was totally worth it. The resort where we stayed, the Valentin Imperial Maya, was absolutely gorgeous! Our bar was set a little high after our honeymoon to the ultra-luxurious Maroma, but this place definitely gave Maroma a run for its money (literally). Sure, it was about one hundred times the size of Maroma, but Valentin was every bit as beautiful. And a fraction of the cost. Plus, there were free drinks! So, here are the first of many pics this week!

The lobby

The Plaza

The pool bar. Can anyone say 'mojito'?

Our activity the first day.

The results of our activity that first day. And don't you worry - it got worse than that.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Your Dumpster? It's on FIRE!!!!!!

It's great when a fire truck stops right across the street from your place - is the whole block burning down? Well, that happened on Sunday. Smoke was coming from Napoleon Dynamite's alley across from us and we had a great view from the 3rd floor. Firemen arrived and took prompt action! I wonder how a closed dumpster could get like that? Discarded cigarette? Who knows. Here are some action pics!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Gym for John!

I finally joined a gym! It's about two blocks from my job so it's easy to get to. The best part is the steam room. It will be awesome when it's really cold out. There is also a pool but I haven't asked how to sign up for a lane time yet. All in good time! We went to Target today to get last minute vacation supplies and also found a gym bag. As much as I liked taking my shoes and workout clothes in an Ann Taylor Loft sack...this is a little better. You can click on the image above to go the gym's Web site. It's not very exciting but there are more pictures.

Ahoy Matey!

Target has the funniest costumes for cats, so we picked up this hilarious little sailor scarf for Mr. Simon. And yes, we are aware that we are major dorks for dressing up our cats and posting pictures of them on our blog. But we don't have kids, and there are only so many photos of us we can post.

Anyway, we are getting ready for our big trip to Mexico. It will be so nice to get away from the city for awhile and relax and drink margaritas on the beach. We may never come back! We'll take lots of pictures, so we promise more eventful blog posts when we come back. But for now, Simon will have to do.