Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Morning at Guthrie Green

Oh, poor sad lonely blog! It's been forever since we posted, despite our constant promises to do better.  June just totally flew by - I can't believe that tomorrow is July 1st! I guess time flies when you're having fun, or when you're not, in our case.  All three of us have been sick -- John and I with the most violent stomach bug either of us have ever had (glad I shared, I bet), and Henry with both a stomach bug and a mystery virus that my mom (in all her medical expertise) has diagnosed as roseola. Henry is set to have tubes put in his ears on Tuesday, so this roseola better hit the road. Fast.

We had a brief period of time this morning when everyone was feeling rosy, so we headed down to check out the Sunday Market at Guthrie Green. Guthrie Green opened up about a year ago, and until this morning, we had yet to go and check it out to see what all the fuss was about.  GG is a really great urban gathering space, something that I hadn't really experienced since leaving Chicago. Today was Sunday Market day, so I imagine the vibe was a bit different than most weekdays. The crowd was the perfect mix of yuppies, retirees, young families, and dirty hippies. There's a stage for live music, a fantastic splash pad for the kiddos, expansive green space, and a pavilion for activities, which today as an outdoor Zumba class.  Henry had a blast - he had lots of space to run around and lots of people to look at (he took a special interest in the Zumba-ers). John was especially pleased by the market vendor selling vinyl. Great. I thought we had escaped that when we moved.

The verdict: Guthrie Green is awesome. I'm so proud of Tulsa for having a place like this, and we can't wait to go back and play next weekend!

Mesmerized by the Zumba class

Posing for a pic/restraining Henry from joining the Zumba class

Checking out the gardens


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Henry Is 18 Months Old!

Gaah! How did this happen? It seemed like I just a minute ago he looked like this:

And now he looks like this:

Both are totally precious (to me, at least) but I wonder when my little baby was replaced by this kid.  The 18 month old Henry is a boisterous, independent, and opinionated toddler. Or at least as opinionated as one can be without speaking English.  A few of his stats at 18 months: He absolutely loves cars, and anything else with four wheels for that matter. Playing outside is one of his favorite activities, and he's absolutely fearless on the playground.  The kid is 100% boy! He's a great eater and will never turn down spaghetti, bananas, or graham crackers. He love love loves being read to, and I can't think of anything sweeter than spying on him in his room while he's flipping through a book, "reading" to himself.

Here's to 18 awesome months with our little guy. We've loved every second of it!

Dominating the slide at the park

I DIE over these curls!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Long Time No Blog

First of all, where the heck did May go? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Mother's Day, and now it's June 2nd! Time flies when you're having fun. Or it just flies. 

As pretty much everyone knows, the weather has been the total pits in Oklahoma lately. Thank goodness our area was spared the horrible tornadoes that ravaged other parts of the state. We were fortunate enough to skate by with some really heavy thunderstorms.  While I'm SO thankful we avoided the severe weather, being trapped inside (with Henry) due to the crummy weather has really stunk. So, when the weather has actually been nice, we've been outside trying to take advantage of the few moments of sunshine (or just not rain).  This means lots of park time and a little pool time.

We will try to be better at posting for June. I was so busy at work in May that I had a mantra of "If I can just make it to June. If I can just make it to June." Well, my June calendar isn't looking much better, but I'm still hopeful for a better month. Below are some pics of what we've been up to the past couple of weeks.

Henry's new favorite food: Spaghetti. His uniform for eating this new cuisine: diaper-only.

John and Henry freezing their tushies off in the baby pool Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day = splash pads are turned on. We explored the one in our neighborhood park. Brrr.

Henry loved it!

Our cousin's pony birthday party. Henry enjoyed it a little bit more than last year.

Riding solo