Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Pics of Our New House!

Below are pics of our new living room and dining room.  We are still looking for the perfect piece of art for that big blank wall in the living room.  Actually, we've found it -- the problem is that it belongs to someone else.  So if John's mom comes home to find a certain piece of art missing, she will know where to look first - ha!

My Favorite Room in the House!

The kitchen is probably the primary reason why I fell in love with this house. I posted a pic of our twee little Chicago kitchen so you will see why I am so thrilled with our new kitchen. There is so much space that we can store all the stuff we got for our wedding (and haven't seen since then since we had to put it in storage while we were in Chicago) and then some.  And since we cook nearly every night (no more Opart Thai right around the corner - tear), it's great to be able to spread out and actually enjoy cooking!

More cabinets than we know what to do with!

Bonus: Wine fridge full of champagne.

Our kitchen in our Chicago condo. So tiny!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best. Birthday. Weekend. Ever.

No one likes getting older, especially after hitting 30.  However, I didn't mind celebrating finishing up my 32nd year, especially since so many great things happened over the past year (hello - Henry!).  We didn't do anything wild and crazy - mainly just hung out and did fun stuff as a family.

John gave me my gift - a jogging stroller - a little early, and Henry and I hit the Riverside trails on Saturday morning to try it out.  The weather was amazing, and there were so many runners out taking advantage of the fall temps.  Henry and I had a great time, and running with him is definitely going to be a great workout - pushing a combined 40 pounds of baby and stroller is no easy task! Henry enjoyed checking out the scenery and giving big smiles to the other runners and walkers who waved at him. I can't wait to get back out there! After the run, I completely replaced each and every calorie I burned (and then some) at Antoinette Baking Company on Brookside.  I've been dying to try it since I heard that they were opening it. Not only are their pastries amazing, but they brew Intelligentsia!

On Saturday afternoon we headed to the Tulsa Greek Festival. Who even knew that Tulsa had Greeks? The food was AWESOME. It definitely made us miss our old neighborhood standby, Barba Yianni.

I was hoping that Henry would cut me some slack on my actual birthday (Sunday) and sleep past 7:00 but no such luck.  We had an early start to the day and headed out to Zink Park to check out the baby swing. 

All in all it was an awesome weekend! We had plans to do a few home projects but just couldn't squeeze them in. As soon as we do, I will post more pics of our house! Now, off to get ready for this crazy week!

Enjoying the Greek Fest!

Our attempt at a family picture. This is what happens when you have to rely on the camera timer to get a pic because it's too early for other people to be out and about. Notice that there is not a soul around...

Post-swing rest

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting SO Big!

Today we went to Henry's nine month appointment with the pediatrician, and we just can't believe how big he's getting! His latest stats:
                      Height: 30 inches (92nd percentile)
                      Weight: 22 lbs, 5 oz (78th percentile)

He unfortunately also had to get some shots (boo!) but handled them like a champ -- only cried for a couple of seconds. 

We spent the weekend in Austin visiting Auntie Lisa, Uncle Niel, and precious new baby cousin, Theo.  Henry traveled well, although what "they" say about traveling with babies is totally correct: it's better when they're young.  Not that Henry was bad, but he definitely struggled with being confined to my lap for the 2-plus-hour flight.  Definitely not as easy as when we flew with him at six weeks old!

We enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting little Theo, who is just as adorable as can be. Mom and Dad have a strict "no pics of Theo on the internet" policy, so his appearance will have to remain shrouded in secrecy. BUT, I can vouch for his major cuteness!  Henry was sort of interested in Theo, but he was mostly interested in checking out all the new places where he can get into trouble now that he's mobile. And speaking of mobile, he now crawls on all fours.  He was previously a champion army crawler, but he's since learned to crawl the "normal" way. We are in so much trouble!

His new mobility also means more pestering for the cats. Despite being totally annoyed by Henry, Simon still hasn't figured out how to stay away (unlike Sofia, who has absolutely nothing to do with him).

"Helping" me cook dinner

He recently discovered the blurry little boy in the dishwasher and spent several minutes attempting to give him kisses.

His mission of falling down the basement stairs is foiled due to the new baby gate. Thank goodness for babyproofing!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Awesome September Sunday

We had some freakishly fall-like weather this weekend, so our little fam took advantage of the weather and spent a lot of time outside.  On Saturday morning we did our favorite Saturday ritual: going to the Cherry Street Farmer's Market.  There aren't a lot of Saturdays left in the season, so we have to get in all the farmer's market that we can! I don't know what makes me more excited about our Saturday outing: the fresh fruits and veggies or the puffy breakfast tacos from the Elote food truck.  Yum-o!

John and I went to our first post-Henry movie. My mom watched Henry while we went to see Batman, and I managed to stay awake for the whole movie (which is quite a feat, since it was nearly 3 hours)!  Although it was fun to have some adult time, I missed my little guy like crazy! I don't see him much during the week because of work, so I try to soak up as much time with him as possible on the weekends.

We had a great Sunday morning. Henry slept until 7:15 (beats the heck out of 5:30!), and after a delish breakfast of bacon and eggs, we headed out to the park for some swinging.  This was Henry's first time in the baby swing. He wasn't sure of it at first, but he eventually got into it and couldn't stop smiling! He was a little less impressed with the slide.

All in all we had an awesome weekend! Great naps by Henry (a super big deal in our house), and lots of relaxing for mom and dad.  Definitely not ready to start another crazy week!

Not so sure about this...

I don't know, it could be fun...

Thinking this is pretty awesome!

I freaking love this!!

Little snuggle-bug getting ready to go to bed after a fun weekend

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9 Months!

Dear Henry,
Today you turned nine months old.  You have now been living outside my belly for as long as you lived in it.

Every day you are less of a tiny baby and more of a little boy.  You are incredibly curious, and once you set your mind to discovering something, there is no talking you out of it.  You still don't crawl, but you do scoot on your belly, which works just as well for you.  I blink and you are halfway across the room.  Needless to say, we babyproofed the house immediately!

You recently started pulling yourself up to standing, and I feel like you will start walking sooner than later.  While I'm happy for this progress, it makes me a little sad, as this is just one more step (no pun intended) toward you growing up.

One of my favorite parts of the day continues to be when I see you for the first time after work, whether it's picking you up at day care or coming home a little late while your dad has already started your dinner.  You are always so happy to see me, and your precious smile just lights up the room, not to mention melts my heart.

Love you to the moon and back.


The baby cage: part of our recent babyproofing efforts.

What? Can't I wear bear booties in 100 degree weather?

Miniature John.  Looking more and more like his dad every day.

We love bath time! (PS - our bathtub is not dirty, I promise. Just needs to be reglazed.)

Monday, September 3, 2012

House Pics (cont.)

And here is the bathroom! Our house was built in 1930 and doesn't have a dedicated master bath, which is kind of a bummer, but we think that the rest of the house makes up for this small shortcoming. The bathroom has the original black and white honeycomb tile on the floor but has been modernized with an updated vanity.

Labor(ing) Day Weekend

I thought Labor Day Weekend was supposed to be a time for rest!

We've been really busy during this long weekend doing things around our house. Even though we took possession of it at the end of June and have been officially living here since the end of July, everything is still a work-in-progress.  We are waiting on window treatments for the dining room (can't WAIT to get rid of the ghetto paper shades that are in there), and just can't seem to commit to/agree on art for the living room and a headboard for our bedroom.  So those rooms will just continue to be incomplete until we sort it out or someone (hopefully me!) gets his/her way.  However, Henry's room and the main bathroom are both complete! I will post pics of the bathroom in a separate post, but Henry's room pics are below.  His room has undergone a huge transformation.  When we bought the house, his room had the most adorable wallpaper in it - little elephants, owls, and hedgehogs all in a pink and green theme for the little girls who lived here before us.  While it was super cute, it definitely wasn't for Henry. So, thanks to my dad, we stripped the wallpaper off the walls and had the room painted a nice bright neutral. As part of our quest to get Henry to be a better sleeper, we've lined the windows with blackout shades.  So, unfortunately no natural light comes in the room. But we think that a rested baby is more important than aesthetics (or at least we've gotten to that point).

We have all the same furniture we had in his Chicago room, but it looks different because the room is literally twice as big! We've added some new art (i.e. the baby animal pics), but otherwise, all is the same.