Sunday, October 2, 2011

Posting Marathon

I haven't posted in forever, so below are several weeks of posts and pictures! We didn't have internet for almost 2 weeks, and then I was having technical difficulties with Blogger. But now all is resolved and we can get back on track.

All is going well with us. John has started his catalog, and I think this will be my last weekend with him until November 1st, so we've been relaxing and hanging out all weekend. I continue to get bigger and bigger, seemingly by the minute. I can't believe that there are only 9 weeks until my due date! Below is last week's belly pic - me at 30 weeks. I think I've gotten bigger since it was taken!

Now that all our technical issues have been resolved, we will be posting more, especially as it leads up to our exciting arrival!

More Pics from the Chicago Shower

My work friend, Alex, and me. Her little boy is due a little more than a month before me.

Me with the grandmothers (and the awesome butt painting in the background)

Steph, me, John, and Lisa

Chicago Baby Shower

Last weekend my sisters-in-law, Stephanie and Lisa, threw me a perfect baby shower at Hot Chocolate, an amazing restaurant in Bucktown. The menu was dessert-centered, which was perfect since the chef, James Beard award winner Mindy Segal, is best known for her amazing sweets. I was so flattered at all the friends who were able to attend - I honestly could not have made it down the long and rocky road to this baby without their support!

Below are pictures from the shower. And PS - I do not look that whale-like in real life, I promise. I just can't seem to take flattering preggo-photo.

Mingling before the shower

Some of the delicious desserts!

Lisa got the baby a Michael Jackson onesie and a "Lullaby Renditions of Michael Jackson" CD.
Of course he's going to be a big fan like his momma!

The menu

Me, with Sarah and Beth

Birthday Dinner

Me, John, Stephanie, Lisa, my Mom, Scott, and Steph celebrating and eating tacos at De Cero.

Southport Grocery cupcakes!

I was so lucky to have lots of family in town for my birthday! My mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in law, Lisa, were all in town for my birthday and a baby shower. We all went to dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant in the West Loop, De Cero. Birthdays get less and less exciting as I get older, and especially this year as we have something a lot bigger going on this year besides getting older. Tacos and cupcakes make an awesome birthday combo, but I'm counting the days until I can have a mojito!

Tulsa Baby Shower #2

The second shower in Tulsa was hosted by my mom's bridge group, which consists of a group of teachers Mom taught with for years prior to her retirement. In fact, I have known most of the guests since before I even started school, and several of the ladies in attendance taught me in elementary school! It was so great to see everyone after all these years!

This shower had a bird theme.

Mom and me after the shower

The dessert table - yum!

The cute invite (with the address redacted)

More homemade cupcakes. Mom and I stitched the felt bird toppers ourselves!

More Photos from the Family Shower

Cousin Brooke, Baby Reece, and me

Lots of family!

Long-time family friend, Fran, and me

The excited grandmothers!

Mom, me, Cousins Mandy and Kayce, and Baby Reece

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Shower Extravaganza!

I had two busy weekends filled with family, friends, and baby showers! We traveled to Tulsa a couple of weeks ago and went to two showers - one given by my mom and grandmother for our family, and the other hosted by my mom's friends. It was so wonderful to see everyone, and I was so flattered at all the people who came to support us. This little guy got lots of good stuff - he's pretty much set! Now we just wait for him to get here.

Here are some pics from the shower my mom threw (more above). The theme was Elephants and Alphabets.

The favors: porter peach preserves

Homemade cupcakes, with custom fondant by Two Sugar Babies