Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Year Ago...

A year ago today we found out that we were - super surprise - pregnant! We had just returned the day before from a week of binge drinking in Mexico, so I was definitely worried about the baby and the effect of about 50 mojitos on its health and development, but my doctor assured me that all would be fine. And so began nine months of worry, anticipation, and impatience. Throughout the entire pregnancy, my girlfriends would tell me that I will miss being pregnant after the baby came. I thought they were nuts, but it turns out they were right - I do miss being pregnant, but not enough to do it again anytime soon!

BEFORE: Me at 14 weeks (with lots of junk and clutter in the background - gross).

AFTER: Our adorable little nugget. I just can't deal with how cute he is!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Perfect Saturday

It was an awesome Saturday around the Beck house! I started the day early (after John took care of Henry and let me sleep in a bit) by meeting a friend for coffee. Then, we went to our fun little music class, Lullabies, at the Old Town School right around the corner. Henry loves music class! Today there was a substitute teacher, and we sang much cooler songs than usual (think "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper rather than "Skinnamarinki Dinky Dink"). After music we went to the park where Henry enjoyed his lunch and John enjoyed playing on the playground equipment. We also took another walk around the hood later in the afternoon and took Henry on his first trip to Timeless Toys, a great little toy shop in Lincoln Square. It was so impressive that he slept right through it!

We just can't believe how big Henry is getting and how alert he is! He just changes so much every week!

Listening so intently to the music at music class that he felt the need to literally turn
on his side toward the teacher. I'm pretending that he wasn't rolling over to get away from my singing.

Super cute in his hoodie on this chilly Saturday

Liquid picnic in the park

Friday, March 16, 2012

Three Month Letter

Dear Henry,

On March 5th, you turned three months old. I realize this was nearly two weeks ago, but being late for things is pretty much the story of my life these days. Gone are the days of you and I lazing around the house all day, taking naps and staying in our jammies. You now go to daycare full time and are loving it. I cried and cried when I dropped you off the first day (and cried some more when my Starbucks barista welcomed me back and asked about you), but you are just loving your time there. Your sweet teachers just love you, and there is nothing better than coming to pick you up at the end of the day and being rewarded with your big toothless smile.

You are so fun to be around these days, and it seems like you learn to do something new every single day! You love to sit in your bouncer and kick your legs and lay on your playmat and stare at the toys dangling from it. And you are so close to rolling over! Every day we get to spend with you and watch you grow and learn is just amazing - we are looking forward to many many more!


Our alternative to tummy time (which you still hate) - sessions in the bumbo
chair watching the fireplace DVD.

Your new "big boy" tub. You just love kicking around in the water with your chubby little legs!

Almost rolling over

Such a big boy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Back-to-Work Countdown

T minus 6 days until the end of mat leave for me. I can hardly imagine not spending my days staring at this precious little face.

Actually, I will still be staring at it via several photos strategically placed on my desk so that there is not an angle that does not provide a view of Henry. It's really hard to describe the past 12 weeks. I can't say they've been awesome, because there were some days there in the beginning that I thought that I just wasn't up for this mom business. But there have also been some really amazing days, especially in the past couple of weeks, when I wondered what the heck I did with my life before Henry came along.

When I go back to work on March 7th, Henry will go to daycare at The Little Green Tree House. I have already taken him there for a couple of half days to get him (meaning ME) accustomed to going. I cried the first day but am hoping I got that out of my system. Although I know it will be healthy to get out of the house, see other people, and wear something other than my pajamas and yoga pants, I will still miss my little guy something terrible.