Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Favorite: Southport Grocery

Back to our favorite things about Chicago, or in this instance it's Megan's favorite things, since John hasn't had the opportunity to eat at the yummy Southport Grocery. Part high-end grocery store, part restaurant, this place is fabulous! I've only been for brunch, but I'm already sold.
SG is famous for its cupcakes. I consider myself a bit of a cake connoisseur, since it's my favorite food and all, and the SG cupcakes do not disappoint. I think they're touted as best in Chicago, which is saying a lot in a city full of trendy cupcake places. They even have cupcake pancakes (which are awesome, by the way).
Their brunch menu has something for everyone. I went there with my brunch group one morning, we each got something different, and everyone loved what they ordered. The grocery part of the store is really neat, too. They have a little prepared foods counter, as well as a pastry section where you can get those to-die-for cupcakes.
Unfortunately we don't make it to this cute little area too often because the nearest el stop is closed for construction and parking is rather difficult. As soon as the stop re-opens, we plan to become regulars!

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