Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We're a little late, we know. We'd like to say that it is because we just partied too hard and just now recovered from the festivities, but unfortunately that's not the case. We've been busy at work, and we've had house guests (Megan's brother, Travis, and his girlfriend, Tara came to visit), so we're just now getting around to posting our St. Pat's Day wish. It was a cold and miserable day for all the Chicago St. Patrick's festivities. It didn't stop the revelers from coming out in droves, though - St. Pat's here is bigger than New Year's Eve. So, below is a picture of us right after the ritual dyeing of the Chicago River. It's pretty green normally, but they make it practically neon for the big day. Hope everyone had a fun and safe one!

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Michelle said...

this is such a cute picture! i miss you!