Monday, May 12, 2008

Hola Amigos!

The theme for this week's postings will be "John and Megan's Mexican Paradise." We just returned from our long-awaited vacation and were greeted by 40 degree temps in soggy Chicago. We had a fabulous time and are planning to go back next year for sure! We are both complete lobsters (despite our valiant efforts with the sunscreen), but it was totally worth it. The resort where we stayed, the Valentin Imperial Maya, was absolutely gorgeous! Our bar was set a little high after our honeymoon to the ultra-luxurious Maroma, but this place definitely gave Maroma a run for its money (literally). Sure, it was about one hundred times the size of Maroma, but Valentin was every bit as beautiful. And a fraction of the cost. Plus, there were free drinks! So, here are the first of many pics this week!

The lobby

The Plaza

The pool bar. Can anyone say 'mojito'?

Our activity the first day.

The results of our activity that first day. And don't you worry - it got worse than that.

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