Saturday, January 23, 2010

Checkin' In

Well, it looks like we totally blew the New Year's resolution related to updating this thing with substantive posts. The problem is, we really haven't done anything substantive to post. January has been relatively uneventful for us. John ventured to Scottsdale last weekend to play golf with his dad, and my mom came up to help me paint the extra bedroom -- it is now a much less obnoxious neutral. Whew!

Back to the resolutions. John is really doing well on the gym part; me, not so much. BUT, I will be getting better and even have plans to hit a class tomorrow morning. The resolution we've been best at holding up is cooking at home. We've eaten at home most nights this month, including weekends. I'm even more serious about this commitment now that I watched Food, Inc. This movie was incredibly eye-opening. I am shocked at the low standards the government sets for our food. It is clear that the government supports big business more than setting healthy standards for its people. So, corn is now considered poison in the Beck household! I've been an avid Whole Foods shopper for awhile, but I'm even more committed to shopping there now, since it's one of the only grocers committed to selling free-range grass-fed beef, cage-free poultry, and other responsible food items. While Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) is a bit more pricey than the regular grocer, our health and wellness is entirely worth it!
Does that count as a substantive post?

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