Saturday, December 11, 2010

4th Annual Cookie Exchange

Tonight Nicole hosted the 4th Annual Cookie Exchange! I can't believe we've carried on this tradition for four whole years! It's one of the highlights of my holiday season, and each year we all improve on our baking. This year I made Paula Deen's red velvet sandwich cookies, which consist of super rich cream cheese frosting between to cake-like red velvet cookies. Everyone's cookies were delicious, and it will take some time for me to snap out of this sugar coma.

Nicole really outdid herself this year with a delish Christmas ham and other holiday comfort foods. And for favors she made the most adorable apple pies in jars. So creative! Tonight's party sort of kicked off our holiday festivities - we have lots more to come! And now John has lots of cookies to eat!

Some of Nicole's craft handiwork!

This year's crowd!

YUM! John has lots of work ahead of him!

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