Friday, January 7, 2011

Neighborhood Favorite: Tiny Lounge

When we first started this blog three or so years ago, we would periodically spotlight our favorite local spots. We've sort of fallen off that wagon, so in the spirit of all things local, we thought we'd blog about one of the cooler spots in our 'hood: Tiny Lounge. I've been to Tiny Lounge a few times with friends, but over the summer I bought a Groupon for half off food and drinks at Tiny, and it expires next week. So, John and I met our friend Jim there for cocks and apps (yuppie speak for "cocktails and appetizers") to catch up and talk about our respective Christmases. John and I both had cocktails, and Jim had beer. And while my mojito sort of tasted like its main ingredient was hand soap, John's esprit de corp (some fancy schmancy drink with cognac in it) was good and strong. For a bar, Tiny has really great food. We had a pizzetta margherita, which was essentially a mozzarella and tomato flatbread, as well as "tiny" burgers and some pork ribs. I can't believe that some of the better food I've had in awhile came from a bar.

Tiny Lounge is just that: tiny. And it gets pretty crowded. It was standing room only when we left around 8:15. Also, there was a really good mix of people there -- we were about the median age in the bar, but there were some younger "kids" as well as a few tables of people our parents' age. We will definitely be hitting up Tiny Lounge more regularly!

A view of Tiny Lounge from Lincoln. It's very
nondescript - there's not even a sign - so Jim had a hard time finding it!

The bar

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