Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tomorrow Henry will be six weeks old! Time has really flown, or maybe it just feels that way because of the shortage of sleep. Henry turning six weeks old also means that my maternity leave is halfway over - super depressing!

Henry was recently diagnosed with acid reflux, and now that he is taking medication, he's much more pleasant to be around during the day. There were a few days of constant screaming that I thought he and I were both going to lose it. I can't think of anything worse than a baby screaming in agonizing pain, and me not being able to do anything about it, especially because he can't tell me what's wrong. Thank goodness we are past that! He's also on some super special formula for his sensitive tummy, and it makes him smell like a buttery cheesy potato instead of a sweet and powdery baby. But at least he smells like something yummy!

We had our first measurable snow this week in Chicago, which kept Henry and me inside for most of the week. In fact, the highlight of our (my and Henry's) week was going to brunch on Saturday morning with John! Henry also had his first outing to the mall this weekend. He did great, and is on the road to being an ultimate consumer, just like his dad!

Below are some recent pics of Henry and the incredibly exciting happenings around our house.

New favorite activity: laying in his crib and watching his mobile spin around.

Finally sleeping now that he feels better!

All bundled up for brunch!

Smiling for dad!

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