Friday, February 3, 2012

Henry's First Trip to Tulsa!

We just returned from an extended trip to Tulsa. The main point of the trip was to introduce Henry to friends and family that had not met him yet. Of course, getting to Tulsa entailed either a 10 hour car ride or a 2 hour plane ride, so naturally we chose the plane. Henry did so well on both our departing and returning flights! In fact, he slept for the entirety of the flight on both trips! I hope that he continues to be such a great little traveler!

We had lots of activities planned while we were home. We had two Sip and Sees, which is basically a party where friends come and see the baby while they sip adult beverages. We also saw lots of family and friends, and Henry had his first photo session! I will have to post or link to some pics when they are ready. He was so good for all of the festivities and the photo shoot - he's turned into such a little ham! He will just laugh and smile at anyone who talks to him, making this stage of babyhood extra special fun.

Probably the best part of the trip home was the weather -- it was in the upper 60s the entire trip! I didn't wear my coat even once when we were there. Can't beat that kind of weather in January!

Below are some pics of the trip. It just occurred to me that John isn't in any of the pics from the trip - must be because he was the photographer, but I promise he was there!

Mom made these adorable aprons for us!

Henry and Great Uncle Steve!

Alli was so sweet to come and meet Henry

On the plane ride there. Tired Momma!

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