Monday, December 31, 2007

A Look Back at 2007

2007 has been a big year for us. In trying to decide what to post for New Year's Eve, I considered copying my friend Michelle's great idea, a Top 10 List, but decided I should probably think of something myself. Unfortunately, I am having a creativity block, so I've posted my own version of Michelle's list (Meesh - yours is much more creative and humorous). So, here's our Top 5 of 2007:

5. John learned to play the guitar. He's getting quite good, and I'm considering hiring him out to Potbelly Sandwich Works to play music during the lunch rush.

4. I had my gall bladder out (you laugh, but I feel SO much better).

3. I've made some really awesome friends this year. Moving to a new city can be tough, and it's hard to meet great people when not thrust into traditional social situations (i.e. school), so I'm very thankful for my fun girlfriends.

2. John got the perfect job (finally!)

1. Buying our first home! The move was stressful and it took a long time to get things the way we wanted them, but we absolutely love our new condo!

I wish I could have included "Finally learned how to parallel park," but it just wasn't THAT great of a year. Happy 2008 everyone!


CB23 said...

Happy New Year! I'm so bummed we didn't get to see each other over the Christmas holiday. December 20-31st just comes in like a train and everything happens so fast! I enjoy keeping up with your blog though, so keep 'em coming!

Nicole said...

yay! I found your blog..will be checking early and often muffins!


Michelle said...

what?! gallbladder is only no. 4?! that's a big deal!!!