Saturday, August 16, 2008

Suburban Adventure!

Because it was hot out today (and as a result I refused to go outside), John and I ventured out to Northbrook to check out the mall there and see where we could spend our hard-earned money on things we don't really need. My wallet will definitely be glad when summer is over and I can stand to partake in activities that are outdoors and don't involve spending money. Anyway, I've never been up to the North Shore, and it's an entirely new world up there! Lots of grass and trees and wide open spaces. After our shopping adventure, we headed to this super-cute restaurant in Highland Park called Lincolnshire Gourmet. It was very good -- very non-suburban. When we think of suburbs, the first restaurant that comes to mind is Cheesecake Factory, so this place was a nice treat. They had a gorgeous patio area with couches and outdoor firepits. Very fun! We will have to go back before summer is over!

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Marukatsu said...

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