Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yep - that's us. We are still feeling pretty gross from Thanksgiving, although we both have been pretty good about the gym this week! This is always such a busy time - not only is work totally crazy (people fight over lots of visitation this time of year), but there's so much going on with the holidays. The good news: I've made it two evenings without my Blackberry going off. That's a feat!

Otherwise, we're doing a pretty good job maintaining the status quo. We have some fun holiday plans this weekend -- a German holiday fest in our neighborhood (expect a post on that), and a Christmas carol concert. It's also been pretty snowy this week. Although I always look forward to winter weather, I must say that I'm not loving it so far this year.

Anyway, we promise to have some interesting things to post about soon. We've just had an incredibly busy fall, leaving us little time to post, or even do anything worth posting about. More to come ...

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