Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008!

2008 was pretty kind to us, but we're happy to ring in 2009. Some highlights from the past year:
  • I got a great new job at Berger Schatz and am loving it! I'm a lot busier than before, but it's nice to be in such a professional environment.
  • John's job is still going really well - his huge catalog brought in lots of sales, despite the economic situation.
  • We continue to love living in Chicago. We love our work and our condo, and are fortunate to have lots of great friends here!
We haven't really made any resolutions this year, but rather are focusing more on goals (that way we won't feel bad about not reaching them - ha!). One of our huge goals for 2009 is to have as much fun as possible, being that this is our last bit of our 20's (John turns 30 in July, I in September). We plan on doing some traveling and making the most of all the activities Chicago has to offer. One of my goals is to finish a half-marathon. I'm actually running one in Phoenix in a couple of weeks, and I would be excited about it except for the fact that I haven't really been training. If my posts cease after January 18th, it's because I literally died while running this race. Hope not.
Happy New Year!

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