Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Time

It seems like we've had company nonstop for the past couple of weeks. First, my mom and her friend, Luanne, came in for the half marathon and stayed until the following Wednesday. John's sister, Lisa, and her fiance, Niel, came immediately thereafter for Lollapalooza. John's dad and John's brother, David, also came to join in the family fun. Everyone went home on Tuesday, so we've just been catching up on household things we neglected while we were spending time with family.

Both John and I have been busy with work. John is busy interviewing temporary designers to help with the big winter catalog that's coming up, and I have been crazy at work, as usual. The good news is that one of my big cases settled, which is great since it was scheduled for the week following our trip to San Diego for Lisa's wedding. Another of my trials, which was scheduled for early October, was also moved by the judge. So my fall just got a whole lot better. Overall, we don't have too many exciting plans for the fall. I have a few little races before the half marathons in November and December. And John will be busy with his catalog, of course. It has been pretty warm here lately, so we are definitely looking forward to the cooler fall weather. Hopefully we will have something more interesting to post soon!
A candid of John's dad, Lisa, and Niel at the amazing Glenn's Diner.

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