Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer at Last

Tonight we kicked off the Chicago street festival season (my favorite time of year) at Lakeview Mayfest. One word describes the evening: AMAZING. Liana was in town from Florida, so we met she and Brian at the fest and danced a little to some 90s hip hop before the boys decided to hang at a nearby bar while Liana and I rocked out to Hairbangers Ball, a local hair metal cover band. I'm pretty sure I danced off every calorie from all the sangria I drank at the festival. Nothing like a little Metallica and Bon Jovi to kick off the summer. I've marked the other fun fests in my calendar, and we are planning to attend one nearly every weekend. Yay for summer in Chicago!

Liana and me, before the fun started

John being a good sport and indulging in my obsession of cover bands.

Liana and Brian - miss these two!

Even Jim joined us for the fun.

L and me -- tired and sweaty from rocking out to 80s hair metal.

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Sean said...

I came across your blog on a Google Alert and thought it to be very entertaining.

I wanted to share an app I recently launched for Chicago, which I think you and your fellow Chicago-ians would find useful. It’s a Festival Finder for Chicago area. It provides all the details (times, locations, bands, etc.) for over 80 Street/Music/Art festivals this summer. It’s available for both the iPhone and Android platform. Here’s a link to the app . I thought you might wan to check it out and pass it along to your followers if you think its any good.

A little info about me. I’ve lived in Chicago for over 8 years and love the festival season and decided to create this on my own since I was always forgetting when each festival was going on which weekend. With that said, I’m just trying to get the word out as much as possible. Any feedback is definitely welcome. Have a great week and summer!

Thanks, Sean