Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Love With Palm Springs

We arrived in Palm Springs on Thursday morning for a little summer getaway. John grew up coming here in the winter to visit his grandmother, and I am always searching for a part of California to like, so we decided to make the trip (the super cheap travel packages helped, too). We are staying at the Miramonte Resort, which is in gorgeous Indian Wells. We spent much of our first two days here lounging by the pool. Something about this place and its 70s charm makes us want to drink swank cocktails, so we've been doing quite a lot of that, too, especially by the pool.

We ventured out to downtown Palm Springs last night to have dinner at Matchbox, a great pizza spot in the heart of the action. Summer is the area's down season, but there were plenty of people out last night enjoying the cool desert evening. It's amazing that a place that gets so hot can be so cool and quiet at night!

Essentially, I'm obsessed with this place! It's quiet, it's clean, and it's mid-century modern (my favorite). I finally found a place in California that I like!

The backdrop to every part of Palm Springs

Mojito - our pool side drink of choice!

The view from our shady spot by the pool.

The view from the lobby of the resort.

Downtown Palm Springs

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