Monday, June 14, 2010

Missing the Desert Already!

We got back to Chicago late last night and were greeted with foggy, wet, and cold weather. Quite the opposite of our fantastic weekend in the desert! On our final night there, we ate at this place called Melvyn's. Apparently, it was Sinatra's favorite place back in the day, and I don't think they've changed anything about the place since the Rat Pack used to hang out there. Everything was straight out of the 60s, including the menu. It was delicious!

We will definitely be heading back to PD again soon -- next time in the winter so we can really enjoy the heat. Here are a few last pictures from the trip. Back to reality...

Yet another gorgeous view!

John reminiscing

View from our table at Melvyn's. I think we were the youngest
people there.

Me at Melvyn's. In case you're wondering why John isn't in very
many pictures, it is because he did not share the camera.

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