Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hola from Paradise

We are on our fourth annual trip to Mexico! We've made this an annual jaunt in order to escape the crazy spring temps in Chicago. I just looked at the forecast, and the highs next week are in the low 30s. Yikes! All is well in tropical paradise. Of course we are both a little burned (and in really strange places) despite our valiant efforts at sunscreen usage. All I can say is I will have some really tan feet to show off next week (and a random spot on my right knee). Our days have consisted of sleep, breakfast, mojito, nap, mojito, swim, read stupid fiction, mojito, swim some more. Repeat. Here are our pics from the first few days. Updates to come!

Landed! Pale and ready for some sun and mojitos!

John's activity on day 1

The Plaza at night

Handsome John and Rudolph

Lia the monkey. I want to take her home, but Sofia would be too jealous.

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