Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Week to Go!

Well, theoretically. I am due exactly one week from today - on December 7th. I have decided that I am no longer cut out for pregnancy and that this baby needs to come out asap. In fact, I even called the doctor today to make sure that he wasn't just going to fall out, because that's what it feels like. The nurse reassured me that he would definitely not fall out, or at least not without a bit of a warning, but she did not offer to induce me so that I could finally be done.

I'm still at work and was planning on staying until I give birth (hopefully not at the office - my assistant would be really grossed out by that). However, I decided that next Friday, December 9th will be my last day. They will induce me by the 14th if I don't have him before, so there's really no need to keep going to work after next Friday. It will be nice to not have to put on normal clothes and trek downtown, but it would be nicer if this baby would just hurry up and be born!

Below is a pic from this week - week 39. It's not the best pic, but then again, I'm not feeling my best. Everyone, please cross your fingers that this little guy comes soon!

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