Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1 Week Old!

Henry turned one week old yesterday! Normally people don't celebrate weekly birthdays, but we made it through a week, which in our opinion is a great accomplishment! To commemorate the occasion, we took a trek to Starbucks. Even though it is just a couple of blocks away, it took an hour to prepare for the outing, including two diaper and clothing changes and a last-minute feeding. Henry did well while we were out, though, so maybe we will add a small outing every couple of days or so.

This first week has been challenging, humbling, and totally rewarding. I think we sort of have the night situation figured out - he's up every 3 hours or so for feedings, but no more screaming now that we found out that he really doesn't like sleeping laying down. And he's an absolute angel during the day, aside from the numerous outfit changes from the diaper explosions.

John took two weeks off from work to hang out with Henry and me during the first two weeks, and I'm really dreading him going back to work next week. My mom is still in town, thankfully -- I don't know how I would survive without her!

Well, happy one-week birthday, Henry! Here's to many more! We are so glad you are here.

One of the rare occasions when he actually sleeps laying down.

John and Henry lounging on the sofa.

Simon is not too sure about Henry.

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