Monday, December 19, 2011

5th Annual Cookie Exchange

Let's rewind a couple of weeks to pre-Henry days. On December 3rd, we had our 5th annual cookie exchange. Nicole hosted again, but this time at her beautiful new home, and of course everything was Martha Stewart-worthy, as usual. We had some extra delicious cookies this year, my favorite being Nicole's chocolate peppermint thumbprint cookies. Think chocolate peppermint cookies with a dark chocolate ganache filling in the thumbprint. A close runner-up was Susan's snickers fudge - sinful! I will have to get the recipes for both, even though I don't really need any sweets -- trying to lose the baby weight. Below are some pics from the night - some of the last photographic documentation of me pre-Henry.

All the amazing cookies, post-exchange. The snickers fudge is on the right - gooey deliciousness!

This year's group - we had a few newcomers. Very fun!

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