Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Is Really Happening!

I can't believe we are in our second to last weekend in Chicago (we have something going on next weekend).  Time has flown since the plans to move were finalized.  All has fallen into place so well - new job, new house, day care for Henry - that I'm sure this change was meant to be.  All that said, it will still be very hard to leave here on May 17th.

I have resigned to the fact that we simply don't have time to make the rounds to all of our Chicago "favorites" before we leave, but we are doing our best to squeeze in what we can.  Tonight we had dinner at one of John's faves, Smoque. With Henry in tow, we waited in line - mostly outside in the 48 degree weather - for 45 minutes to order the best barbeque Chicago has to offer. It was well worth the wait! The food was amazing, and Henry was such a good little people watcher!

I have reassured John that he won't have any trouble finding a great spot for ribs in Tulsa - there are plenty of great bbq places around town.  The real question is where I'm going to get my weekly manicure - any tips Tulsa friends?

So, as we count down the last 19 days before we leave, we are trying to get all the Chicago we can get! Since we are both still working, and super busy with the bambino, we know we won't get around to all our favorite spots before we go, it will be a great excuse to come visit (that, and all my Chicago friends' babies that are due this summer that I have to come back and meet and squeeze).

Henry playing with his favorite stuffed cow and waiting patiently for some delicious bbq!

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