Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Stereotypical Oklahoma Weekend

For all my Chicago friends who think that Oklahoma is all cowboys, indians, and hillbillies - this weekend we fulfilled that stereotype.  On Saturday night we went to Woola-Rockin' the Night Away at Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve. It was full-on cowboys and indians from the second we drove through the gate. We were even met by cowboys, complete with chaps and spurs, and of course on horseback.  Anyone who knows me well knows how much I dislike horses (they want to eat me, seriously), so I was terrified that one of those horses would try to stick its face in my open car window.  It was super cold since it turned winter in Oklahoma overnight, and the event was outside.  So next year am I not only going to dress more western-ish, but also warmer.  No amount of cobbler or irish coffee could warm me up!

On Sunday we headed to the Tulsa State Fair (aka hillbilly central).  The fairgrounds aren't far from our house, so we strapped Henry in the stroller and walked to the fair. Henry had his first carousel ride (he hated it), and that was the only ride we did because let's face it, carnies are creepy and I don't trust their assembling-of-major-rides skills.  We also ate a lot. Like total fat kids.  On the menu: chicken fried bacon with gravy (John), corn dog (me), corn dog made of polish sausage (John), chocolate dipped cookie dough (both of us), and red velvet funnel cake (me).  To say we left with stomachaches is a huge understatement. 

Every kind of animal ever existed is dead and mounted on the wall at Woolaroc.

John's Uncle Steve and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Note the giraffe

Henry "enjoying" the carousel

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