Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend Fun

When I was growing up, I would always ask my mom when Kids' day was, because I didn't understand why there were dedicated Mothers' and Fathers' Days.  She would always respond "everyday."  Ain't that the truth!

We had a super fun Mother's Day weekend. We had early Mother's Day celebrations with Mimi with brunch at Wild Fork. The weather was gorgeous, so we got to sit outside (which became very convenient when Henry lost his patience waiting for our food). We spent Saturday afternoon doing one of our favorite things: spring planting. We planted several pots on the back patio, and now that we have outdoor furniture, our backyard is becoming a very cozy spot.

On Sunday we met my grandmother and parents at their country club for another celebratory brunch. Afterwards, we enjoyed the amazing weather and watched Henry play on his new slide at my parent's house. That kid and slide, and slide, and slide again - it never gets old for him!

It was such a great weekend filled with family and fun. I love living in Tulsa and being able to share these special weekends with family. Hope all my mom friends enjoyed their day!

Post brunch (and trip to Snow Goose, hence the pig) with Mimi

Having a blast on his new slide

The sweet card Henry made for me at school
My little family

I'm so lucky to be this precious little guy's Mom!

My grandmother, mom, and me.

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