Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Henry Is 18 Months Old!

Gaah! How did this happen? It seemed like I just a minute ago he looked like this:

And now he looks like this:

Both are totally precious (to me, at least) but I wonder when my little baby was replaced by this kid.  The 18 month old Henry is a boisterous, independent, and opinionated toddler. Or at least as opinionated as one can be without speaking English.  A few of his stats at 18 months: He absolutely loves cars, and anything else with four wheels for that matter. Playing outside is one of his favorite activities, and he's absolutely fearless on the playground.  The kid is 100% boy! He's a great eater and will never turn down spaghetti, bananas, or graham crackers. He love love loves being read to, and I can't think of anything sweeter than spying on him in his room while he's flipping through a book, "reading" to himself.

Here's to 18 awesome months with our little guy. We've loved every second of it!

Dominating the slide at the park

I DIE over these curls!

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