Friday, August 9, 2013

Marathon Post!

What? We still have a blog?

We have lots to update on since our last post! We've had lots of newsworthy events in the past month and a half or so.

First, Henry got tubes! This may not seem like that big of a deal to some, but it was a huge deal to us. Homeboy can now hear, which means that he can say words. His vocabulary has quadrupled since his surgery, and he's been all around a more pleasant person to be around. We get a new word every other day or so. The latest: the cutest version of "bus" you've ever heard!

Henry is getting a little brother! We found out in July that the bambino in my belly was another boy, and while we would have been happy not matter what it was, I'm secretly (or not so secretly) pumped that it's another boy. He and Henry will be almost exactly 25 months apart, so that means fun playmates (and great hand-me-downs). Henry has no clue what is to come.

Practicing for baby brother?
Henry had a cute 4th of July parade at his school.  All the kids had special t-shirts that they made especially for the occasion. Unfortunately, Henry was not pleased with the crowd of parents waiting outside to greet the parading kids as they exited the school and cried throughout the whole parade. Ah well - it was cute anyway!

We celebrated 4th of July at Grand Lake with lots of family. Henry had a great time with all his cousins. Maybe one day we will be able to stay up late enough to watch the fireworks.

Driving the pink jeep with cousin Ethan

Henry got his first "big boy" hair cut. I couldn't bring myself to cut off those curls, so thank goodness Auntie Lisa was conservative with Henry's "men's layered cut" as his style is apparently called. So handsome!

I did my first solo trial. Now that it's over with, I wonder what in the heck I was so worried about. Now on to the next big work project!

I continue to grow larger and larger. They weren't kidding when they said you get bigger with subsequent pregnancies. This is me at 18 weeks. Sheesh!

Henry finished his first year at "school" with a water day. They ended the celebration with a feast of Cheetos and other fun kid foods.  Henry had never seen a Cheeto before, so he was a little hesitant to taste one.  However, after I tried one and showed him it wasn't poison, he jumped on the Cheeto bandwagon and is now a huge fan. In spite of a bath and several scrubbings, his little hands may still be stained with synthetic orange cheese.

That's it with us! Hope everyone has had a great summer!

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