Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cold Cubs Game

We've lived here for four years and have only been to two Cubs games, both of which were totally freezing. Last night we went to the game against the San Francisco Giants. We were proud of ourselves for making it through the seventh inning stretch, but we were driven away by the cold wind and a giant spider that kept reappearing and landing on spectators around us. Eek! We are determined to give it another go this summer, maybe for an afternoon weekend game. Go Cubs Go!
Hoping for a 'W' flag up there later.

Kristen and me waiting for Jared to come with our tickets
(he accidentally got on an express train to Evanston).

Jared finally made it!

Trying our best to stay warm! And avoid the beastly spider...

1 comment:

Marukatsu said...

You looks so cold!
Chicago is cool in May?
Have a nice day!
In Japan,Hanshin Tigers is great!