Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perfect Spring Saturday

I started the day super early with the first training session of my Rock 'n' Roll Chicago half marathon running group starting at 6:15 this morning in Lincoln Park. It wasn't as painful to get up as I anticipated, even though half of my run was in a drizzly cold rain. John and I then went to an early brunch at Southport Grocery in Lakeview. Gotta love their bread pudding pancakes and their breakfast bruschetta. Since it was such a nice morning, we walked around the fun Southport Corridor neighborhood before John dragged me to see Star Trek at our neighborhood theater. Believe it or not, even though I think the show is a total snoozefest, I enjoyed the movie.

We also finally planted flowers in the window boxes and pots on our back deck. With this unpredictable Chicago weather, we wanted to make sure that there would be no more frosts before we planted. We think that the flowers will look great once they fill in a bit, and we're so excited to spend time out there now that the weather has vastly improved. The rest of this weekend will be pretty busy, as we have some exciting plans for tomorrow. Expect a post documenting tomorrow's awesome outing!

John and his Green Thumb

This one needs a little help, but once it fills in it will look great!

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