Saturday, November 14, 2009

Howdy from Texas

I'm in San Antonio with my Mom and Luanne for the Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon, which starts bright and early in the morning. It's very hot here, or at least compared to Chicago. So the high temps, coupled with the fact that I'm totally not prepared for this race, will make tomorrow pretty difficult, I'm afraid. Today we met up with an old friend from my Broken Arrow days, Mitra Woody. Her mom and my mom taught together for years. She and her husband live here in San Antonio, and they are expecting their first baby in April. Very exciting! It was fun catching up - we went to a super cute restaurant at The Quarry. A bird pooped on my mom TWICE during lunch, but otherwise the day has been pretty fun. We are hitting the hay soon so we can get up bright and early for the race. Hope I survive!

Mom, Luanne, and me at our pre-race carb loading dinner.

Mom, me, and Mitra after lunch (and multiple bird droppings)

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