Monday, December 7, 2009

68.5 Miles!

I finished my fifth and final half marathon of the year for a total of 68.5 miles of half marathons since January! This weekend's race was in Las Vegas, and it couldn't have been more awesome. It was a frigid 30 degrees the morning of the race - something we did not anticipate (or pack for). Maybe it was because of the cool temperatures, or the deliciously dry desert air, but I had a personal record, which is amazing since I really haven't been training. I beat my previous personal record by three minutes and my finish time in San Antonio by nearly 20 minutes! Mom and Luanne also had personal records as well.

In addition to the race, we ate at some really delicious restaurants and saw Cher at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace. A great show! I've always been a huge Cher fan (me, along with thousands of gay men everywhere), so it was amazing to see her in person. She's 63 years old and looks younger than me!

John has been in D.C. all weekend visiting college friends there. I can't wait to get home and see him and rest my tired legs.

The gorgeous tree in the atrium at the Bellagio

Mom and Luanne wore tutus for the race to
commemorate their Rock Star status

Me before the race in my makeshift warm clothes

Luanne, Mom, and me at our post-race celebratory
dinner at Olives at the Bellagio

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