Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get Out of Here, 2009!

I can't really put my finger on it, but for some reason 2009 has really stunk for us. We are really looking forward to a fresh start in 2010 - a new year, a new decade! So, as I've been doing for the past couple of years, a recap of what happened to us in 2009:

1. We still have our jobs! We weren't really worried about it (neither of our respective workplaces laid anyone off), but people were being let go left and right, so we are definitely very thankful to remain gainfully employed!

2. I ran a total of 111.28 miles worth of races, 68.5 of which were half marathons. I took up running last January when I was inspired to run the P.F. Chang's Rock n Roll half marathon in Phoenix. I'm taking a brief sabbatical from running but am looking forward to getting back into it later this year. I even got John to run some races with me!

3. We've done a pretty good amount of traveling. We went to Mexico last February to escape the cold Chicago winter. Then we headed to Seattle in June and San Diego in September. John and I took separate trips to D.C. and Vegas in December. We are hoping to do a lot more traveling this year and are currently trying to figure out where to go!

4. I continue to be bummed about Michael Jackson's death. Boo.

5. I saw one of my favorite singers in concert - Cher. It was awesome!

We are hoping for big and wonderful things in 2010. Happy New Year!

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