Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas That Kept on Going!

We are finally back in Chicago after a week in Tulsa. This was sort of an atypical Christmas. Maybe it was the snow, but the holiday did not feel the same as it usually does. It's so nice to be home at our condo. It was great seeing family, but it seemed like we spent the entire week running around and seeing different family members. Both John and I are off tomorrow -- John's office is closed, and I have decided not to go in. Literally three attorneys were in the office today, and literally less will be in tomorrow. So I figured that there is really no point in working -- I will have a fresh start on Monday in a whole new year! Below are more pictures of our various Christmas and family activities.

John celebrating an awesome bowling move. Notice there
are no pictures of me doing such a dance...

Steph and me doing Jello shots at the bowling alley.

Travis and me (although he's barely noticeable what with the camouflage).

The annual picture: Justin, me, and Travis

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