Sunday, April 18, 2010

Law Prom 2010

Last night we went to the annual American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Gala (a.k.a. "Divorce Law Prom") at the Ritz. I went last year and thought I would spare John from what I thought would be a painful evening -- my colleagues and I talking about work and laughing at what other people are wearing, their dancing, etc. But, this year I dragged him along with me, and he had a really good time (or so he says). Below are some pics from the event.

The Oklahoma Contingency: Russ Reid and us

Our table, with a good view of the dance floor
(meaning lots of great entertainment -- nothing is
funnier than your opposing counsel dancing
to "Oh What A Night")

Rebecca and me with our giant glasses of wine


Mandy said...

Hey Megan! I'm doing some serious catching up. Somehow I'm missing a lot of your updates, but that just makes it even better when I get to read several at once.

My sister, Sarah, is thinking of applying for law school & is interested in your field. Any suggestions/advice you could offer for her to get accepted into a program she'd like?


Mandy said...

PS- I love all of the pictures. Keep them coming! I feel like I get a virtual tour of Chicago on your blog, which is perfect, as I've never quite made it there. (Someday!)

Megan said...

Mandy! You are too nice! I still need to email you to get the password for the Maren blog.
When you say that Sarah is interested in my field, do you mean domestic relations, or law in general. I have A LOT to say. Have her email me: