Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Sunday and Celeb Sighting

John, Jim, and I went to Lincoln Park Zoo on Sunday to get some sun and see some lions. Just as I was headed past the gorillas into the monkey house, I spotted a super tall, hairy guy who needed a shave. He looked really familiar, and on closer inspection was Vince Vaughn! He and his new wife were out enjoying the sun and the monkeys as well. This has been our first celeb sighting since we moved to Chicago (unless you count my sighting of Sam Ronson last year). After the zoo, we walked around Lincoln Park for a bit before introducing Jim to the wonderfulness that is Trader Joe's. All in all a fun and relaxing Sunday!


Me with the rhinoceros (it's an inside joke)

Emperor Penguins

J and me outside the polar bear tank (that didn't contain a polar bear)


Mandy said...

hmm...Should I believe you about the celebrity's hard to say without proof from the camera. I know you had it with you. ;)

Megan said...

Ha! I literally just about ran into him! I figured it would be sort of rude to snap a photo right in his face. Plus, he looked a little surly.