Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 Years in Chicago!

Last Monday marked our sixth anniversary of living in Chicago! I can't believe that it has been six years already! A lot has happened in these six years - struggled to find jobs (and then finding the perfect ones), making awesome new friends, buying our first home, and becoming independent adults. Some of it wasn't fun, but we are so glad we made the decision to up and move to a strange new city with nothing waiting for us when we got there. Here's to many more years as Chicagoans!

Our first Thanksgiving in Chicago. We cooked the whole shebang ourselves (and ate it all ourselves, too).

Me running the Trick or Treat Trot. Chicago's many fun races are what got me in to running. There's one nearly every weekend in the spring and summer.

Our balcony after our first real Chicago snow.

Me in front of The Field Museum. Going to the various museums is one of our favorite cold-weather activities.

Us ice skating at Millennium Park.

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