Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Back-to-Work Countdown

T minus 6 days until the end of mat leave for me. I can hardly imagine not spending my days staring at this precious little face.

Actually, I will still be staring at it via several photos strategically placed on my desk so that there is not an angle that does not provide a view of Henry. It's really hard to describe the past 12 weeks. I can't say they've been awesome, because there were some days there in the beginning that I thought that I just wasn't up for this mom business. But there have also been some really amazing days, especially in the past couple of weeks, when I wondered what the heck I did with my life before Henry came along.

When I go back to work on March 7th, Henry will go to daycare at The Little Green Tree House. I have already taken him there for a couple of half days to get him (meaning ME) accustomed to going. I cried the first day but am hoping I got that out of my system. Although I know it will be healthy to get out of the house, see other people, and wear something other than my pajamas and yoga pants, I will still miss my little guy something terrible.

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