Sunday, June 3, 2012

Henry's First Hoedown

When we announced we were moving back to Tulsa, all our Chicago friends would tease us about all the horses, teepees, and tumbleweeds that we would most likely refamiliarize ourselves with once we moved back. While I assured them that Tulsa was in fact a bustling metropolis, complete with running water and mandatory education, I'm not sure they actually bought it.  And I also vehemently assured them that Henry would not be riding any horses, anytime soon.  That is, until this weekend. 

My cousin threw her precious daughter a Toy Story themed 2nd birthday party this weekend, complete with pony rides.  We went to the party with the full intention of Henry watching the horses from the safety of the Bjorn, but I somehow got suckered into letting him ride a psychedelic pony named Dally. He seemed to get a real kick out of it, or at least was very interested in eating the saddle (ew).  Below are some pics from the adorable party.  Yippee-ki-ay!

At the start of the party. Safely tucked away in the bjorn, sun protective hat on, ready to have an equine-free afternoon.

Dally the psychedelic pony. she also had pink glitter on her tush. Wonder what PETA would think?

Henry and John enjoying the adventure.

The precious birthday girl enjoying her cake.

Nannie and Henry (and Henry's hat).

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Claudia said...

Awesome! Giddy up Henry! Just got back from riding Henry the horse!