Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend and other Happenings

We've been really busy since we arrived nearly two weeks ago. John started working (he's doing the same job but officing with his uncle), and I started my job yesterday. I got in lots of Henry time before starting the new job, so I really missed my little guy when I went to work yesterday morning.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend, which consisted of lots of family time and spending a small fortune on appliances for our new house and a new mattress (our big treat to ourselves for all the sleep that we don't get thanks to Henry).  Henry tried out his baby pool for the first time over the weekend. I'm not sure he thought anything more than it was just a bigger bath tub, and he seemed more interested in gnawing on the rubber ducky than splashing around, but we will give it another try this weekend. 

We also continue to be very entertained by watching Henry eat baby food.  He's such a big eater!

Another big happening this week is the closing on our new house tomorrow. We unfortunately don't get to move in until June 29th (because I'm a sucker and agreed to rent back to the sellers for a few weeks until their new construction is finished), but we can't wait to get into our first "real" house with a yard and a garage, and no shared walls with neighbors (I could go on and on).

Below are some pics from the weekend!
Henry pontificating from his bouncy seat (note the patriotic shorts in honor of Memorial Day).

New favorite activity: sitting in high chair.

H and me before the big pool adventure

John and Henry in the pool

Splish splash!

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