Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11 Month Letter

Dear Henry,

Where to begin this month's letter! The past month has been a whirlwind of milestones with you. You say "mama" (although I'm not sure it has anything to do with me), you "sing" along to music (more like humming), and you pull yourself up to just about anything you can brace yourself on.

You are obsessed with day care (or as I call it, school). The second we walk in the door, you are kicking your legs to get down and crawl among your friends and play with all the toys.  Your teachers are so sweet, and they are always doing fun little art projects with you. I have a special bulletin board in the mudroom where I proudly hang all of your works of art.

You continue to amaze us every day with your sweet disposition.  You are so excited to see us when we walk in the room, and you give the best, most heart-warming hugs. This past weekend you were really sick with a high fever and an ear infection in both ears.  But despite being in who-knows-how-much-pain, you were still super sweet, trying so hard to be chipper and play in spite of not feeling well.

I've been really sentimental the past few weeks, as we begin the countdown to your first birthday.  I was looking back at pictures of what I was doing a year ago - very pregnant, and really anxious to meet you.  While I knew you would be an amazing little person, you have exceeded any expectation we could have had for you.  We've loved every single second we've had with you these past 11 months and are so excited for what's in store.


Your new favorite toy! Having an awesome time despite the 102 degree fever!

The fam, in front of our "autumnal display"

This is how we roll with our first morning bottle.

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