Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day the Tulsa Way

Apparently I'm on a roll with the rhyming titles (see last post).

This was our first Thanksgiving in Tulsa in a couple of years.  Last year we were grounded in Chicago, waiting for little Henry to arrive. Oh, how things have changed since then! We hosted at our house this year and were so thankful to have both my family and John's join together for dinner.  Not only was it awesome to have everyone together, but it was great to not have to eat two Thanksgiving dinners in one day.  We were a smaller group than usual, since David stayed in KC and Lisa, Niel and Theo were not able to make the trip up from Austin. But it was great to be together nonetheless.

After stuffing our faces, we headed out to Lights On at Utica Square. When I've been in past years, it's been really festive, with hot cocoa, warm coats, and caroling.  But it was hard to get in the spirit with temps in the upper 70s all day (note the sleeveless shirt). It was a far cry from the freezing cold Thanksgivings we've spent in Chicago in past years.

I think our first Thanksgiving in our new house was a success. I'm looking forward to starting more new holiday traditions in years to come!

Steph and Pancho relaxing before dinner

Henry having his pre-dinner "cocktail"

The table

He is definitely John's son - obsessed with electronics!

Little turkey!

Here's to new family traditions!

With Auntie Steph at Lights On

Henry and Grandmomma

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