Monday, November 19, 2012

Stomach Flu and a Trip to the Zoo

Our weekend was the pits! Or at least mine was. I had the stomach flu for the second time since August.  Before August, I last had the stomach flu in July 2004. It was so awful/memorable that I will never forget about it! I blame all of this recent sickness entirely on Henry. He's very cute, but he's also a lovable ball of germs.  Thankfully I am better, but now John has it, and we all know about men and their illness tolerances.  I am now the proud mother of an 11 month old and a 33 year old.

We did take a brief break from the stomach flu symptoms to hit up the Tulsa Zoo.  It had been a while since John and I had been, so it was definitely very nostalgic to visit all our favorite exhibits, plus see the new ones since the zoo has gone under a lot of renovation in recent years.  Henry, however, was not so impressed and seemed pretty indifferent about the whole thing. We will give it another try in a couple of months.

We are getting pretty excited about Thanksgiving in our new house. We are hosting this year and are so excited to finally get to use the wedding gifts we got eight years ago but have essentially been in storage due to lack of kitchen space at our various living spaces in Chicago. Here's to hoping that John is feeling better in time to partake in the pigging out on Turkey Day!

Henry being unimpressed by the goats at the petting zoo.

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