Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy V-Day, Y'all!

I normally don't get into Valentine's Day. It is a Hallmark holiday after all. However, for whatever reason I'm really enthusiastic about it this year. I put up Valentine's decorations, made some Valentine's-themed letters, and even made Henry's Valentine's for his school party. Apparently this phony holiday has turned me into a regular Martha Stewart!  We don't have any plans - dinner out on V-day is such a racket - but it will be fun to celebrate at home with Henry nonetheless.  Happy Heart Day!

My art project

We even got some "real" Valentines in the mail!

Henry's Valentines for his school party. They are completely homemade, right down to the envelope. Next year he will have cheap He-Man ones from Target.

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michelle said...

You guys are too cute.