Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday in the Park

(cue cheesy Chicago song)

I was set to spend the week out of town for a trial, but it thankfully settled on what was scheduled to be the first day of trial.  In preparation for the week away, I spent every spare moment I could over the weekend with Henry and John.  Saturday we took a wagon ride to our neighborhood park so that Henry could run around in the open. He had a good time practicing his walking skills around the play area but was not the least bit interested in any of the fun toys. 

Now that my trial has settled, I hope to have a lot more free time on the weekends to spend with my two favorite guys.

In the wagon, taking it all in

Much bigger slide than the one we have at home!

More wagon time

Ditched the hat but refused to look at the camera

Pensive in the park

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