Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy weekend!

This was a crazy busy weekend in the Beck household! Saturday started with six miles with my running group, then breakfast with John, and going into the office while John played golf with Jared. We ended our busy Saturday by going to see Harry Potter 6. On Sunday, I ran the Fleet Feet Women's 5K. The weather was awesome, which definitely helped. And although I did beat my last 5K time (still not terribly impressive, but I'm just doing this for fun), I would have finished a lot better had my stomach not been so icky -- the dinner of popcorn and Dots at the movies was probably not a good idea... After the race, we ran a ton of errands and got ready for our busy week! I am ready for a relaxing weekend soon. But with traveling next weekend, and family in town for the next two after that, I'm not sure that's on the horizon for us any time soon.

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